Studio Vicente Granger is an independent Graphic design and Art direction studio based in Paris founded in 2013. Vicente likes to invent identity systems, craft logos, books and layouts, develop exhibition designs and build websites. Typography is at the core of every project, from advise to customisation. Vicente conceive visual universes, from the original concept to the printing process. He is currently accompagnying clients and agencies of all sizes in both the cultural and corporate sectors.


          Vicente starded his career working at the graphic design studio Thonik in Amsterdam for clients from the social, cultural and political sectors. This experience gave him a solid conceptual approach and organisation skills. Having worked for creative studios, publishing houses, museums, political party, luxury brands, advertising companies, record labels etc gave him versatility, adaptability, sense of service and reactivity.


          As a graphic designer, Vicente creates visual identity systems, logos and layouts; it can be a photography book, a corporate annual report, a painting catalog, a magazine, a poster, a dynamic presentation, etc. Both for paper and screen. For campaigns and exhibitions, he also creates signs in order to tell, to show, valorize or too orientate.

          As an art director, Vicente conceive visual concepts, from the original concept to the launch of the project, in order to solve ambitious and refined communication problems. He can gather and coordinate talents around a common project and select best printing solutions thanks to a close printing house network.


Agglomeration Royan Atlantique,

Angie (agence),

Antalis France,

Arte Charpentier Architectes,

BBK Paris (agence),

Bearideas (agence),


Benefit Cosmetics (LVMH),

Benjamin Jezequel Paris,


Brand Brothers (studio),

By Kilian (Estee Lauder),

CG Cinemas,

Charlelie Couture,

Collection Pinault,

Cutback (agence),

Design Spot (Univ Paris Saclay)

DK Partners,


Emmaus France,


Editions Henry Lemoine

Francois Leclercq Architectes,



Grand Soir,

Galerie St-Hubert,

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac,

Ham and Juice (Studio)

HERMES International,


Julien Gougeat Architecture,


La Chartreuse Avignon, 

La Poste philatélie,

Les Films du Losange,

Les Fils De,

Le 104 Paris,

Marcade Event (agence),

MIR: Musee International de la Réforme (Geneva, Switzerland)


Nohe Fair Wear,

RCA Factory (agence),

Reinh Architecture,

Suez environnement,


Totem Films,


Tide Magazine,

Van Cleef and Arpels,





Zephyr and Borée,


Meet → Experiment → Conceptualize → Propose → Define → Revise → Deliver → Launch → Maintain


2013 → 2015
Graphic designer at Thonik.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Selected clients :

Power Station of Art Shanghai, 

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Maven publishing, 

Florianopolis design biennale


Conservatorium van Amsterdam, 

Stadsschouwburg Haarlem,

Stichting De Roos, 

Socialistische partij

2009 → 2013
Visual communication.

master degree.

Paris, France



Agence H,

Agence Care,

Editions Delpire,

Polka magazine,

Warp records (London, UK)

2015 → onward
Independent graphic designer

and art director.

Paris, France


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