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Peurile Vandalism project

When I was young, I enjoyed and spent much of my time drawing silly caricatures on my school books These caricatures mostly took the form of faces withscars, black teeth, hats, glasses, cigarettes etc. At present, on reflection of my own childhood drawing practice, I have come to realise how many street billboards and subway posters are often caricatured in an aesthetic reminiscent of a child’s sketch. Peurile Vandalism Volume 01: faces is a photographic compilation of drawings (all of the authors unknown) found in the streets of Paris during the year 2016. This publication marks itself as a tribute to the peurile graffiti and contemporary vandalism scene.

project : peurile vandalism
client : personal project
Printer : Newspaper club
category : photography, editorial design
Photography : Vicente Granger, Marion Denoual
copyright vicente Granger, Paris 2019

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